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Wafik Hanna, MD

Wafik Hanna

Dr. Hanna has been creating facial balance and harmony through artistic excellence and care using state of the art techniques; He has performed thousands of facelifts, nose jobs and eye jobs for the past 30 years and is one of the pioneers in performing multiple cosmetic procedures such as facelift with liposuction, eyelid reconstruction, nose and ear contouring, chin implant and laser resurfacing in a single surgery.

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Why does a man get facial cosmetic surgery? Listen to what Martin has to say and you’ll see.

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Neck Lift, Facelift, Nose Contouring, Eyelid Surgery and Ear Reconstruction

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Tip of the Day

  • If you see raw, dry patches, you may have sensitive skin aggravated by wind, sunburn, overwashing, anti-aging ingredients, or even stress. Treat it by applying a soothing facial moisturizing

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