Wafik Hanna, MD – Chicago Facial Cosmetic Surgeon

Wafik Hanna, MD - Facial Cosmetic Surgeon

Trust your face to a Facial Plastic SurgeonFacial Plastic Surgery in Chicago

Wafik Hanna, MD

Chicago Facial Cosmetic Surgeon

Dr. Hanna began his practice specializing exclusively in Facial Cosmetic Surgery and has completed thousands of facelifts, nose jobs and eye jobs over past 30 years. To his patients, he is both an artist and a trusted professional. Dr. Hanna’s experience, combined with his artistry, commitment to state-of-the-art techniques, and skill results in facial balance and harmony. Dr. Hanna believes that when his patients are confident in their appearance, they will become more satisfied and happier in their lives.

With his many years of experience and his aesthetic sense of beauty and proportion, Dr. Hanna works meticulously to enhance facial features rather than merely correcting. By tailoring his work to each patient’s unique bone structure, Dr. Hanna achieves a wonderfully natural look.

Dr. Hanna is one of the pioneers in performing multiple facial cosmetic procedures in one-stage. If needed, a facelift with liposuction, eyelid reconstruction, nose and ear contouring, chin implant and laser resurfacing can be performed in a single surgery.

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