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Testimonial - Hanna MD

Wafik Hanna, MD

Chicago Facial Cosmetic Surgeon

When you first meet Dr. Hanna, you will immediately notice his passion for his work. He truly inspires confidence through the love he has for the human face and his ability to see the potential balance and harmony of all the facial features. This is exemplified in part by the stories he has to tell about his patients. We asked Dr. Hanna to share some of his stories about his patients over the years, in his own words. Enjoy!

On Facelifts

“Like Mother Like Daughter”

A woman I operated on almost 25 years ago appeared in my office one day with her 55 year old daughter, who is just as attractive as her Mother. Her mother looks absolutely gorgeous for 82 and she said, “Dr. Hanna, give my daughter a face lift and eye job and make her younger and more pretty as I loved what you did for me 25 years ago.” I performed surgery on her daughter as requested and she was absolutely delighted and happy with getting rid of her double chin, jowls and baggy eyes. I was so happy that my work of 25 years before continued to make a lasting impression.

“A Changing Experience”

I had a 62 year old patient who lost 225 pounds. Her neck was sagging so much as a result of the weight loss that the skin was practically touching her chest. She told me she hated her neck and always wore turtlenecks to hide it. I performed a facelift to remove the excess skin and she looked fantastic with her neck looking normal and flat. She told me this was the best thing to happen to her and completed the benefit of losing all that weight. When she looks in the mirror she looks 25 years younger. It totally changed her outlook on life.

“Never Too Old”

A 63 year old man came to see me because he retired two years before and now he was bored with retirement and trying to find work again. He was concerned that no one would hire him because he looked too old. He was right! He had bags under his eyes, a sagging neck, hooding eyebrows, severe upper eyelid sagging and a receding chin. I performed an eyebrow lift, upper & lower eyelid reconstruction, facelift, and a chin implant and his results were excellent. Not only did he get back to work, he told me he looked like his son!

“Birthday Present”

A gentleman came to see me at the age of 67 with his 65 year old wife. He said, “Dr. Hanna, I enjoy a wonderful outdoor life with hobbies fishing and hunting. I love traveling with my wife of 45 years. She’s been wonderful to me and together we raised 5 children. She has been a great mother and a loving wife. But she never has anything special just for her, so I decided to give her a facelift as a gift for her birthday. See what she needs to make her happy as much as you can.” She was a lovely lady who needed an eyebrow lift, her upper and lower eyelids reconstructed along with a face and neck lift. After surgery they came for a follow-up visit and the gentleman said, “ I have not seen my wife smile like this for a long time, especially when she looks in the mirror. She looks about 30 years younger.” And she did!

“Look Like I Feel”

A lady came in who was about 68 years old and asked for a facelift to correct her sagging face and neck, jowly jaw line, baggy eyes and heavy sagging upper eyelids. The main reason was that she married a man 15 years younger than her. When they went out to dinner in a restaurant the hostess would ask her husband, “Where do you want your Mother to sit?” She told me she wanted to look as young as she felt. I corrected all these problems and restored her beautiful features. Now she looks younger than her husband. Of course, he then wanted a facelift!

“Free to Do What I Want ”

A lady 58 years old came to see me and said, “Dr. Hanna I loved my husband very much but he would not allow me to have a facelift and an eye job. You have operated on four of my friends and after each one I wanted to have my face done but my husband refused. Well, he recently passed away and I have collected the money from his life insurance. Now I can do what I want!” And she did and looks amazing!

“A Cure for Depression ”

I have, over the years, had patients who suffer asymmetry of the face (or unequal sides of the face) due to Bells Palsy or facial paralysis. I always tell these patients that a facelift can improve the asymmetry tremendously but not completely, and it will not correct the paralysis. Most often my patients are willing to go through with the surgery if it is an improvement to help improve self-esteem. I remember one patient with Bell’s Palsy who was very beautiful, but she suffered from depression because she could not see her beauty through the paralysis. After our consultation I performed several procedures, which included her upper & lower eyelids, a facelift, cheek reconstruction, lip reconstruction, and a nose job. She looked absolutely stunning and she told me the procedure relieved her depression.

On Noses

“Identical Noses”

I have over 30 years of experience and have improved thousands of noses. The most challenging nose job are identical twins because I have to make two noses look identical as identical twins always compare to see which nose is prettier. Over the years I have performed rhinoplasty on four pairs of identical twins (and I still can’t tell them apart!)


I have found that sometimes parents discourage their teenage girls or boys from getting their noses done. Typically, the father would say, “I married your mother in the old country and she has a large nose and I have a large nose too and we are happy living together.” But the reality today is teenagers are much more attuned to their looks and may pursue getting their nose corrected on their own from an inexperienced surgeon. Often, they will get a bad result and the parents then regret that they did not guide their child and shop around for an experienced surgeon. For me, correcting and revising bad results is a lot of work. In fact, 35% of my practice is correcting bad results from inexperienced surgeons.

“A Kissing Tale”

Patients come in sometimes complaining that not only does their nose not fit their face, but also that the nasal airway is obstructed because of a deviated nasal septum. I had a lovely lady come see me complaining that she could not hold a long kiss with her husband because she couldn’t breathe. He, in turn, thought that she just didn’t want to kiss him. I gave her a more beautiful nose and improved her breathing. Moral of the story: correcting the nasal airway helps save many marriages!

“For the Birds”

A young girl came to me once about a very strong nose, large hump, wide bridge, wide tip, nasal airway obstruction and a severely receding chin. She was in tears because she went to another surgeon that told her she looked like a bird. I told her that she’s very pretty and all she needs is to balance her face with a nose job and chin implant. I corrected the receding chin, shaved the hump on the bridge of her nose and made her nose delicate at the bridge and the tip. I also corrected her nasal airway to help her breathe better. Now everyone can see her beautiful features like her pretty eyes, cheekbones and lips. With a more balanced face, she looked stunning.

“Introvert to Extrovert”

A 32 year old man came to see me wearing a very large, thick pair of glasses and asked for a nose job. He was very shy but behind his glasses I could see he was also very handsome. In truth, he did have an extremely large nose for his face with a large hump, wide bridge and a long over hanging tip, like a hooked nose. He told me that he wore these large glasses to hide his nose. They weren’t even prescription lenses, but appeared to be. I operated on his nose. I removed the hump and made it more delicate at the tip and the bridge. I also corrected his deviated nasal septum, relieving him of his headaches and improving his sense of smell. He got rid of his glasses so everyone could see his good-looking eyes and facial features and, as a result, this young man became extroverted and very self-confident.

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