Are You a Good Candidate For Facial Cosmetic Surgery?

Facial cosmetic surgery has become increasingly common place today .Last year alone, according to a recent Newsweek magazine cover story, almost five hundred thousand Americans chose to have some form of aesthetic surgery performed. These statistics include a thirty-six percent increase in rhytidectomies (facelifts), rhinoplasties (nose jobs), blepharoplasties(eyelid reconstruction), and chin augmentation (chin implants). The incidence of otoplasties (cosmetic ear surgeries) rose fifteen percent.

It is not only the wealthy who are having cosmetic surgery. Many Americans of all economic levels are interested in fitness and good health and maintaining a youthful appearance. These days both grandmothers and grandfathers aren’t only swinging golf clubs but tennis rackets, too, and they want to look as good as they feel.

Looking your best may be even of more importance to you at your place of work. In some occupations, it is more important than others. The advertising account executive, for example, who must appear dynamic and creative but who appears instead chronically fatigued because the years show on his face, should consider cosmetic surgery, Those men and women who have cosmetic surgery done feel it gives them an added edge in their careers. Of course, those persons in the public eye, such as the media or modeling, find it a professional necessity.

But, “beauty is only skin deep” isn’t it? Yes, physical beauty is just that, but feeling one is unattractive can have psychological effects that are far deeper. And although the concept of beauty varies, the desire to be attractive to others has been shared by people around the world from the beginning of history to modern times.

Most persons with a healthy self-image want to appear at their best.Neither do they gaze into every mirror they pass by, nor do they dress as if no one would notice. And again some men and women place more emphasis on their body image than do others and for that reason may be more inclined to have facial cosmetic surgery done.

A competent, sensitive surgeon must explore the patient’s motivations. He or she must thoroughly evaluate both the desired surgery and be aware of unrealistic expectations. Lauren, a college sophomore, may have disliked the bump on her nose for as long as she can remember; while Mark insists on the same surgery yet his nose is model perfect!

Making the decision to have facial cosmetic surgery, therefore, involves important factors that should be thoroughly explored beforehand so that unrealistic expectations can be avoided.Once this is accomplished to the satisfaction of both the patient and surgeon, the operation can be done with results that will be not only pleasing in appearance, but will increase self-confidence and benefit personal lifestyle.

The best candidate is one who does not expect the surgery to change his or her life radically, to have it result in instant romance or wealth.The best candidate is one who simply wants to appear more attractive, to have the outward appearance more accurately reflect the person inside.

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