Facial Cosmetic Surgery FAQs | Med Spa FAQs

Why do people get facial cosmetic surgery?

Although the concept of beauty varies, the desire to be attractive to others has been shared by people of all races from the beginning of history to modern times. Facial cosmetic surgery can be one means of achieving this end. It is well known that surgically altering one’s appearance for the better usually increases an individual’s self-esteem, and often may affect one’s lifestyle. Yet the patient should maintain a sense of realism throughout the process and not be motivated by unrealistic expectations.

Is it possible to make any changes I want to my face?

Let us design a specialized skin care program just for your skin type and condition. Our Esthetician has several years of experience with every skin type and condition. We can improve your overall skin appearance, prolong all your skin care treatment results and ensure you will be more confident.

Will I have to spend the night in the hospital?

All facial cosmetic procedures (including multiple procedures) can be performed as day surgery in the hospital or surgical center, allowing the patient to return home that same day. Patients coming from out of town or out of the country should stay over night at the hospital.

How much pain is involved with the surgery?

Facial cosmetic surgery is painless when performed with general anesthesia or IV “twilight sleep” sedation. The patient awakens with no memory of the surgery. There is no pain due to the expertise and gentle handling of the tissue by Dr. Hanna. There will be numbness of the skin due to the anesthesia that gradually returns to normal. The possibility of tenderness or mild discomfort may be experienced for a short time after surgery from some procedures.

How long is the recovery time and will I be bruised and swollen after the surgery?

Due to current advanced cosmetic surgical techniques and Dr. Hanna’s years of experience, bruising and swelling are kept to a minimum. Any facial discoloration usually disappears within a few days. The patient should be back to work or socializing within 9 to 14 days, with no telltale signs of surgery.

How do I know what I can or cannot have changed with surgery?

Before considering any type of facial cosmetic surgery, you should become familiar with your own unique characteristics. You may not be able to change your basic facial structure; since you have to work with what you have. You can, however, learn what is available to modify or emphasize what you do have. When you schedule a consultation with Dr. Hanna, he will spend as much time with you as you need to help you understand how to best achieve facial balance and harmony for your specific facial characteristics.

What steps can I take after the surgery to help maintain my new looks?

Proper education in skin care techniques will preserve the health and vitality of the skin and will allow the aesthetic surgery performed on the face to last longer. Photofacials, with the latest technique from the Galaxy machine which works with radio frequency, intense pulsed light and broad band will rejuvenate the skin, remove blotches, clear pores and stimulate collagen formation. Thermage, a treatment that tightens loose sagging skin and regenerates collagen, will maintain a face lift, and Microdermabrasions will help to keep the skin clean and glowing.

Will I be satisfied with the results of my surgery?

Dr. Hanna values the doctor-patient relationship above and beyond the ordinary surgical and non-surgical transactions involved. He believes that you should be satisfied with the end result of your surgery and that you have the natural look that suits you and your particular personality. This is one of his most important goals. As a patient of Dr. Hanna, he will discuss with you the different techniques and procedures that will enhance the beauty of your face and, consequently, turn the clock back. In conjunction with his staff, the desire of the experience is to give you confidence, inspire relaxation, and deliver results you’ll love.

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