Do you know that facial cosmetic surgery improves workplace confidence?

When researchers Bullock JD et al displayed pictures of patients before and after blepharoplasty to study subjects, they were in for a surprise. The study, published in the journal Transactions of the American Ophthalmological society, showed how people with drooping eye lids or sagging skin were viewed negatively.

This situation is not restricted to a study environment but extends to the way an individual is perceived at workplace too. Here are some of the ways facial cosmetic surgery could improve workplace confidence.

Blepharoplasty Surgeon

Look Attractive: It is well known that good looking people gain better jobs and promotions when compared with people who are not. This has encouraged many people to seek surgical improvements that will help them garner better positions and benefit from the increased attention and popularity. An attractive face is a boost, especially for people in high profile jobs, which involve plenty of presentations to be given and meetings with successful clients. It is a foregone conclusion that people pay more attention to a pretty head than otherwise, so in order to make a good impression, looking good could be the first step.

Look younger: Hinsdale residents can now start looking younger and Hanna facial plastic surgery has to offer lets you erase age lines, wrinkles and creases to make the individual look even 15 to 20 years younger than they do now. It is not just in the media business, but even otherwise, people who look younger are more likely to look more capable of carrying out tasks. Looking younger is also associated with having more energy, being healthier and more capable of heading important projects. This will help in significant projects being assigned to you.

Stop looking tired: The excess fat around the eyes and the wrinkles tend to make people look tired all the time, even when they are not. This could lead to misconceptions about the quality of work that you are capable of producing, resulting in missed promotions and lost opportunities to work on crucial projects. Plastic surgery can essentially remove the excess fat and wrinkles around the eyes, making the skin around the eyes taut. This will remove the tired expression and give you a smarter looking fresh you!

Exude confidence: Viana GA and fellow researchers found in their study published in the Dermatologic Surgery that the self-esteem of patients after blepharoplasty (cosmetic eyelid surgery) increased by 62%, a substantial increase in confidence indeed! This confidence won’t just make you a happier person but it will help improve your interpersonal skills and your ability to network between teams in your organization. Apart from enjoying all the attention, making more friends at work and doing your job well, you will also move up your career ladder a lot faster.

We live in a highly competitive world and cosmetic facial plastic surgery could give you the winning edge. For residents of Chicago, Dr Wafik A Hanna, an expert facial cosmetic surgeon in Chicago can secure them with all the advantages they seek.

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