Improving The Face With Multiple Facial Cosmetic Procedures

Cosmetic surgery is more commonly accepted today than ever before. The quest for the fountain of youth is as old as humanity. Fortunately, today’s facial cosmetic techniques make this age-old quest more reality than fantasy. The rise in popularity of facial cosmetic surgery is due to less guilt about altering our facial features and bodies. Men are joining the women and no longer feel they are being self-indulgent.

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Facial Complements

One way to ensure a balanced relationship of features, or to correct the ravages that time inflicts on the face, is to perform multiple procedures . A typical combination of procedures might be a face lift with liposuction, eyelid reconstruction, nose and ear contouring, chin augmentation and laser resurfacing.

By combining multiple facial cosmetic procedures in to a single operation, the surgeon can achieve a balance of natural-looking features that complement each other.

Aging gradually affects every part of the face, but there are cosmetic surgeries that enhance appearance:

  • A face lift can be performed when skin appears loose and less elastic;
  • To eliminate fat pads around the chin, jowls, cheek, jaw-line or neck, liposuction Sculpting is recommended to break up and remove fat;
  • To create higher cheek bones, an implant can be inserted;
  • Forehead drooping or eyebrow laxity can be corrected with an upper-third lifting procedure;
  • The nose, which generally starts drooping during middle age, can be refined, while conserving or improving respiratory function;
  • Sometimes a receding chin accentuates a large nose and makes the neck appear shorter. This can be corrected with an implant to balance the face;
  • Those who have misshaped, protruding ears can obtain a more pleasing appearance with ear reconstruction;
  • Excess skin of the upper eyelids might begin to sag with lower eyelid bagging and wrinkling. Eyelid reconstruction can correct this;
  • Small lines at corners of the mouth, above and below the lips, and multiple facial wrinkles can benefit with laser resurfacing or dermabrasion and collagen treatments;
  • Slim lips can be made fuller with lip augmentation or restylane treatments.

Surgical Team Effort

The undertaking of such combined surgical approaches requires a team effort on behalf of the anesthesiologist, surgeon, surgical nurses and patient.

Excellent anesthesia is essential. The patient has no perception of the length surgical time involved and is quite comfortable throughout the entire operation. Consequently, there is no postoperative pain when all procedures are performed atraumatically. Complete rehabilitation of the aging face can be performed in a single setting with minimal patient discomfort.

As with other surgery, to determine patient suitability, preoperative laboratory work is required; including blood work-up, electrocardiogram, urinalysis, and chest x-ray. A good candidate is in optimal physical condition. Any contraindications should be evaluated and corrected before surgery can be performed.

Same Day Surgery

Multiple procedures can be performed as day surgery in either a hospital or surgical center, allowing the patient to return home that same day. The time it takes to recuperate is minimized since surgery is only performed once. Depending on which procedures are performed, the healing process takes one to two weeks.

The growing acceptance of cosmetic surgery has made facial improvements commonplace. In the past several years, facial cosmetic techniques have changed dramatically with newer advances and the refinement of established procedures, resulting in longer lasting and far more impressive outcomes. Today’s surgically altered appearance is more natural and less stereotyped.

Our society places emphasis on health, fitness and beauty. Looking better can help create a healthy, positive outlook. Few seek perfection.

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