Improving the Nose With Cosmetic Surgery in Hinsdale, IL

Even in this time of renewed pride in one’s ethnic heritage, carrying an unattractive nose as an inheritance from one’s forebears is a prospect few accept readily. A nose that may appear as a strong, sharp, attractive feature on a large man may have an entirely different effect on the face of his diminutive teenage daughter. Fortunately, modern cosmetic surgery can correct nature’s errors and preserve the unique character of one’s face.

Most people are quite realistic about what they want to achieve from rhinoplasty surgery. That is why “nose jobs” have been and will undoubtedly remain one of the most popular procedures facial cosmetic surgeons perform. The word rhinoplasty is from the Greek words rhino, meaning nose and plasty, meaning to moId. Therefore, rhinoplasty is an operation to change the shape or structure of the nose, thereby improving its appearance and, possibly, its function.

Rhinoplasty can reshape a nose that is too large, too wide or too flat. It can remove a hump or a bump on the bridge of the nose. If the nostrils are too wide, they can be narrowed and if the bridge is too wide this can be made more delicate. It can correct a bulbous tip or a hook where the tip droops down. It can straighten a crooked nose and, at the same time, correct nasal obstruction; which may have been causing sinus headaches or a lack of smell or taste. Usually a combination of these are performed since the surgeon may have to narrow, shorten, straighten orbuild up the bridge to create the aesthetic and functional effect they wish to achieve.

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Some of these developmental deformities appear when the nose begins to grow at puberty or are sustained traumatically as a result of an accident or injury. Most surgeries must wait until the nose is fully developed.For girls this is between 15 1/2 and 18 years of age and boys 16 1/2 to 18.If the nose is reshaped before growth is completed, growth after the operation may stop and the nose will appear small for the fully matured face.

By the time a person reaches middle age, the tip of the nose generally starts drooping, making the person appear older. This is due to looseness between the tissues holding the cartilage of the tip from the rest of the nose. In more severe cases, nasal tip drooping can cause nasal obstruction which can be corrected surgically by lifting the nasal tip.

If only the tip of the nose droops and the remainder of the nose is well proportioned to the face, nasal tip surgery may give you a pleasing appearance. However, the cosmetic surgeon’s evaluation of the shape of your nose and its relation to your face will decide which type of procedure is best for you. Be guided by the surgeon’s opinion as to whether a partial adjustment will really give you a harmonious result.

The operation is performed through the nostrils, giving the surgeon access to the bone and cartilage inside the nose without leaving any external incisions. The only external incision the surgeon might make is in the natural crease of the nostrils to reduce their size better complementing the reshaped nose. This procedure is usually performed as a day surgery in the hospital, whereby the patient comes in the morning and returns home that same afternoon. The whole procedure can be performed with the patient under general anesthesia or IV (twilight sleep) sedation. The patient awakes with no pain or memory of the surgery during or after.

Some numbness and tenderness is present and feeling gradually returns to normal in a few weeks. A small plaster cast is placed on the nose and is removed after one week. There may be minimal bruising; however, it quickly subsides in about five to ten days.

Look to the nose as being the focal point on the face, not as an isolated feature. The aim in rhinoplasty is to have a nose that fits the face to harmonize your existing features (rather than perfection in and of it). You cannot go through a book and pick out a nose. The surgeon must discuss with each individual and explain exactly what results are possible and then work with what you have to make it better.

The nose accounts for about one-third of the face. When it is not in harmony with the rest of your facial features, it is very noticeable. A large deformity of the nose will totally inhibit the beautiful appearance of the face and detract from the most attractive feature – – the eyes.

In considering the face as a whole, the alert cosmetic surgeon will also take into consideration the lower third of the face – the chin. An Underdeveloped receding chin will accentuate further any facial imbalance. A small, sylastic chin implant can be inserted, increasing the forward position of the chin and resulting in a beautiful contour and profile along with a graceful neck.

Let us consider the upper third of the face – – the forehead. A receding hairline or a too high forehead may require advice from a good cosmetologist on a new hairstyle to balance the face. Vitally important, for women, are new makeup techniques that may be helpful in obtaining a well balanced and natural appearance. If you wish to learn how to maximize the results of surgery or to make the most of your natural features, seek expert advice on makeup application. Consider the face as a whole and work to achieve that total look so necessary for optimum beauty,


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