Is Facial Cosmetic Surgery For You

Facial cosmetic surgery in Chicago has improved greatly over the decades. Now, much can be done with lasers and computer imaging. Still, it’s a major decision for a person who is dissatisfied with their looks, or wants something of a makeover for their birthday, a wedding, an upcoming cruise or whatever reason. There are several things to consider when choosing a Chicago facial cosmetic surgeon.

The patient should know what the surgeon specializes in. Are they really good with rhinoplasty? Face lifts? Neck lifts? Chin tucks? Facial liposuction? Ear reconstruction or eyebrow lift? The patient should speak with people who have known and used the surgeon before. They will also have the advantage of seeing with their own eyes the doctor’s handiwork when they look into the face of a friend who’s had successful facial cosmetic surgery. However, they should also investigate a few more surgeons. What worked brilliantly for their friend might work less brilliantly for the patient, especially if the friend had a completely different procedure from the one the patient is interested in

The patient should peruse the doctors’ websites, take a look at their credentials and the procedures that they perform and read the testimonials of their patients. Even if a doctor has only put up the good reviews, they’re still worth reading.
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After the patient has a list of doctors, they should make sure their records are clean, with neither outstanding complaints from former patients nor censures from whatever medical or professional societies or organizations they belong to. The patient should find out what insurance plans the doctors accept and which hospitals they’re affiliated with. The patient should then set up interviews with the doctors and let them know precisely what kind of facial cosmetic surgery in Chicago they wish to have and what they want the particular surgery to do. Do they want a smaller nose? Higher cheekbones? Plumper lips? Tighter skin around the eyes? The patient should ask if the doctor is current in the latest procedures and techniques. They should look around the office if that’s possible and meet or observe some of the doctor’s staff. In some cases insurance will pay for the interview.

The Chicago facial cosmetic surgeon should tell the patient what they can and can’t do for them through surgery, what the surgery will entail, what the patient will have to do before and after the surgery, the risks and the cost. It’s then that the patient should be able to choose who their cosmetic surgeon should be.

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