SkinSational MedSpa

Hinsdale Thermage CPT™ Med Spa

What it is:

The latest Thermage CPT™ procedure offers Comfort Pulse Technology and is clinically proven to significantly improve treatment comfort and enhanced skin tightening. Thermage CPT™ is the latest in skin rejuvenation technology with no downtime.

What it does:

This technique uses radio frequency to heat beneath the skin’s layers causing the skin’s natural collagen fibers to shrink. This stimulates the growth of new collagen, and the result is tightening and firming of the surface layer that smoothes away wrinkles.

Dr. Hanna’s Notes:

Thermage CPT™ is effective for tightening and contouring the cheek and jaw line along with softening smile lines. The full results can take 4 to 6 months for the maximum tightening and smoothing to take effect. The end result is tighter, firmer skin, which can last two years or more. This treatment is excellent for maintaining a more youthful look! Additionally,Thermage CPT™ is beneficial for all skin types, and you can resume normal activities the same day. Further, the combination of Restylane and Thermage CPT™ can give an excellent facelift effect without surgery.

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