More Men Having Facial Cosmetic Surgery

Men are having facial cosmetic surgery for the same reasons women do. They want to improve the way they look. For some, it is simply a matter of feeling better about their appearance; for others, it is a matter of improving their career potential by seeking to obtain a more youthful look.

A decade ago, men came with their wives to the surgeon’s office to try and talk them out of their surgery. Back then, only 1 or 2 in ten patients were men. Most of those who had procedures performed were sales executives. Now, the number has almost doubled and the men are appearing in the surgeon’s office wanting to know what can be done for them. They come from a broad range of social and economic backgrounds and all have different occupational professions.
We live in a time where much emphasis is placed on the image we portray. Ne may begin to be concerned when another doesn’t care about their appearance; since looking your best is a sign of good mental health. Most persons with a healthy self-image want to appear at their best. One’s face is his most precious external feature. In essence, first impressions ultimately begin and end at the face. You can’t hide it nor can you change it as you do your car, your home or a piece of clothing. Men believe their face is their billboard to the public and they want their appearance to reflect the vitality of their ideas. Those men who have facial cosmetic surgery done feel it gives them an added edge in their careers. Statistics have proven the best-looking candidate will get the job, even though they possess the same qualifications.

Male patients are requesting facial cosmetic surgery in increasing numbers. Hair transplants are still the most common procedure; about 40% of male patients request them. However, facelifts are the fastest growing procedure along with the liposuction technique (for the removal of fat deposits under the chin and cheek area). About 35% have nose jobs; some 35% request eyelid surgery; about 20% have facelifts; almost 25% request chin implants; and 5 % request ear jobs. Vitally important to today’s busy man is these procedures can be performed as same day surgery; whereby the patient returns home that same afternoon. Thus, a substantial financial savings in hospital charges along with fewer days off work.

From the moment of birth as we travel through this life, we are all destined to enter the aging process – no one is immune. Fortunately, if one desires the year’s passage to be less evident, undergoing facial cosmetic surgery can allow you to look as good as you feel. One must bear in mind; cosmetic surgery should not be viewed as a shortcut.
If someone does not take proper care of themselves? Nothing can make up for a well-balanced diet along with a routine exercise program and all around good grooming. With today’s cosmetic procedures, no longer does someone have to go through life with a physical attribute of birth that they are not satisfied with.

Today, people openly talk about what they had done. Years ago, this topic would have brought on an uneasy silence. Men are joining the women and no longer do they feel facial cosmetic surgery is considered mere vanity and self-indulgence. Studies have shown that facial surgery to improve or correct the appearance can increase self-confidence and self- esteem.

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