Popular Procedures Performed With Nasal Contouring

In order to appreciate the changes that occur in the nose during the aging process, there should be an understanding of the changes that occur on the face. By the time a person reaches middle age:

  1. The skull becomes smaller.
  2. The skin loses much of its elasticity and muscle tone.
  3. The skin begins to degenerate, and the texture changes.
  4. Localized fat pads accumulate in compartments surrounding certain areas; such as, the lower eyelids, cheeks, jowls, chin and neck.
  5. Facial wrinkling becomes more apparent.
  6. Lips become thinner.
  7. Ear lobes enlarge.
  8. Excess skin of the upper and/or lower eyelid begins bagging and wrinkling.
  9. Hooding and drooping of the eyebrows takes place.
  10. The nose lengthens, and the tip starts drooping.

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Because the nose is the focal point of the face, it tends to have a dramatic effect on facial appearance. The nose should not be too prominent. Any deformity; such as, a hump, bump, an elongated nose or drooping nasal tip can make the nose too dominate. The main surgical goal is to resculpt the nose so it does not draw attention to itself. The nose should balance the face and pass unnoticed, shifting attention to our other facial features.

Prior to any cosmetic surgery, an analysis not only of facial features but of bone structure is essential. This evaluation will determine the best procedure.

A receding chin will accentuate an ill-proportioned nose. Many people are unaware that a weak chin contributes to their aesthetic problem. By increasing the forward position of the chin, an aesthetically pleasing profile along with overall facial balance is created. A silastic chin implant is inserted through a small incision made in the natural crease just under the chin. This procedure often is done in conjunction with nasal contouring.

Facial features should complement each other. One of the best ways to insure a balanced relationship of features, or to correct the ravages of time from our faces, is to have a combination of procedures performed at the same time.

The eyes are one of the most attractive features of the face, and any detraction from their beauty can be quite noticeable. By surgically reducing the fat and excess skin, eyelid surgery can brighten the face and restore a youthful appearance.

The Facelift is the second most popular cosmetic surgical procedure. It is performed to remove excess sagging skin from the face and neck to alter or camouflage the evidence of aging. The liposuction technique might be combined with a Facelift to eliminate fat pads around the face.

A prominent feature of the aging face is wrinkling. Fine lines and wrinkling of the face, eyes and forehead can be improved with laser resurfacing. DYSPORT and Restylane treatments are other methods available for the improvement of many skin contour problems.

The main advantage of performing a combination of procedures at the same time is the achievement of natural-looking, complementing features. A typical multiple procedure surgery might include a Facelift with liposuction, eyelid reconstruction, nose and ear contouring, chin implant and laser resurfacing. Also important is the single recuperative period and the accompanying cost reduction. This type of multiple facial cosmetic surgeries is an affordable way to improve looks and self-image in one step.

Many who undergo facial cosmetic surgery do so at an earlier age than 10 or 15 years ago. This might be due to newer surgical techniques. By having surgery performed before the unattractive signs of aging become so dramatic, appearances can be maintained. In fact, by doing so, it is more of a preventive step. Looking as good, not necessarily younger, is the goal.


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