Dr. Wafik A Hanna – Chicago Browplasty Surgeon

Medical Name:Browplasty
Also Known As:Eyebrow Lift, Eyebrow Lift Surgery or Brow Surgery or Brow Lifting or Eyebrow Hooding

Avoid drooping eyebrows, look attractive and youthful

The eyes and eyebrows are among the most attractive and expressive parts of the human face. The eyebrows are considered a frame for the eyes and their position and condition contribute to attractive eyes and a youthful appearance.

However, with age, just like the other parts of the face, the eyebrows too lose their firmness and start to sag. The outer eyebrows start drooping and consequently hooding over the eyes resulting in a sad, angry or older appearance. In severe cases, they are known to obstruct the individual’s peripheral vision.

However, there is hope now. Browplasty, also known as Eyebrow Lift Surgery or Brow Surgery or Brow Lifting or Eyebrow Hooding, can improve drooping eyebrows making them look tighter, your eyes more attractive, and your face more youthful. The procedure is quick and painless, and can be performed under general or local anesthesia.

If you live in the Midwest, the only surgeon to see is Dr. Wafik A. Hanna, a board certified facial cosmetic surgeon with over 30 years of experience specializing in Browplasty, while serving clients in Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, Indiana and Michigan. Dr. Wafik Hanna successfully performs hundreds of Browplasty procedures every year, and has been well-recognized as a top specialist in this procedure, throughout his distinguished career.

During this procedure, Dr. Hanna will make an incision in one of two areas depending on the individual: the hairline of the outer one-third of the eyebrow or the crease of the mid-forehead ‘frown lines’ and lift the drooping eyebrow tissues. This gives the eyebrows a tighter and younger look.

Although the effects of aging are irreversible, with a procedure like Browplasty or Eyebrow Lift Surgery or Brow Surgery or Brow Lifting or Eyebrow Hooding can make you look younger by 10 to 20 years.

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*Individual results can vary from one patient to another.

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