Dr. Wafik A Hanna – Chicago Facial Liposuction Expert

Medical Name: Facial Liposculpture
Also Known As: Liposuction

Regain Your Youthful Identity And Facial definition

The face is central to one’s physical identity. Long, short, broad, narrow, oval, round or square, one’s face reflects the geographic origins of the individual.

The face also reflects a more significant point: the individual’s mental and physical health. An unhealthy diet or lifestyle, or even just aging takes a toll on the human face, depositing layers of fat in the cheeks, jowls, neckline, chin, and sides of the face. Over time, these layers of fat can change your profile and mask those features that make you unique.

However, there is hope now. A cosmetic surgical procedure called Facial Liposculpture or simply Facial Liposuction can help suck out the excess fat from various parts of your face and neck, giving you a more youthful, sculpted and well-defined face.

If you live in the Midwest, the only surgeon to see is Dr. Wafik A Hanna, a board certified facial cosmetic surgeon with over 30 years of experience specializing in Exclusively Facial Cosmetic Surgery while serving clients in Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, Indiana and Michigan. Dr. Wafik Hanna successfully performs hundreds of liposuctions or Liposculpture surgeries of the face, neck, cheeks, jowls and chin every year, and has been well-recognized as a top specialist in this procedure, throughout his distinguished career.

During this procedure, minimal incisions are done around the ear and under the chin. Liposuction of the excessive fat under the cheeks and jawline and chin is done. In younger patients, the skin is sufficiently elastic. After the liposuction from the face, neck, cheeks, jowls, or chin, the skin will automatically contract. However with older candidates, the skin is less elastic. In such cases Dr. Hanna will perform a facelift as well. Muscle tightening is done and excess skin is removed and sutured and consequently the face looks younger and prettier and more defined with minimal pain and discomfort.

If you thought the secret to looking younger is the use of all kinds of creams and cosmetics, then think again. Facial Liposculpture or Facial Liposuction is a wonderful alternative involving liposuction of the face, cheeks, jowls, chin and neckline. Facial Liposculpture can present a newer, younger and happier looking you.

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*Individual results can vary from one patient to another.

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