Medical Name:Microcheilia/Macrocheilia
Also Known As:Lip Reshaping


The lips are one of the most noticeable parts of a human face. Poetry and literature are full of references to a person’s lips. Lips create expressions and convey feelings very effectively. That is what makes them so attractive, or so important.

Like with any other part of the face or body, the size, shape and thickness of the lips also varies with genetic and geographic factors. Thick and fleshy lips, protruding or drooping lips, and overlapping lips creates a sloppy look and makes a person look older. In the same way, thin, narrow or straight lips fail to convey the right expression or create a positive impression.

However there is hope now. A cosmetic surgical procedure called Microcheilia/Macrocheilia or Lip Reshaping can help reshape lips, add fullness in case of narrow lips, remove excess tissue in case of thick lips, and correct the shape of the lips wherever required. What you get then, is younger looking and more attractive lips that can dramatically improve your appearance. These lip implants, lip enhancements and lip reductions are very safe, and increasingly popular.

If you live in the Midwest, the only surgeon to see is Dr. Wafik A Hanna, a board certified facial cosmetic surgeon with over 35 years of experience specializing in Microcheilia/Macrocheilia or Lip Reshaping, while serving clients in Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, Indiana and Michigan. Dr. Wafik Hanna successfully performs hundreds of lip reshapings or lip implants, lip enhancements and lip reductions every year, and has been well-recognized as a top specialist in this procedure, throughout his distinguished career.

During this procedure, Dr. Hanna will make an incision or cut in the mucosa (soft tissue) inside the mouth, and remove the excess tissue, in case of oversized lips. In case of undersized lips, the incision is made on the skin above the vermilion (which is the outline of the lips, and the junction between the skin and mucosa), and a lip enhancement or lip implant is done. This gives the lips a fuller look.

Now, you no longer have to envy your friends or favorite actors who have the right expression always. With Microcheilia/Macrocheilia or Lip Reshaping, you too can have perfect lips, which can make you look attractive, and younger.

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*Individual results can vary from one patient to another.

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