The Aesthetic Laser

The search to reverse, or improve the signs of aging dates back to the ancient Egyptians, who used various oils and compounds. Through the years, a variety of agents have been experimented with to smooth the skin. The testimonial to this fact is that today, millions of dollars are spent on anti-wrinkle creams.

Our youth-oriented society is constantly challenging the medical profession to improve facial cosmetic surgery techniques. A common, yet difficult problem has been the smoothening, or resurfacing, of fine lines and facial wrinkles.

The aesthetic laser is a powerful treatment method; currently being used to treat a variety of problematic facial irregularities. The laser “paints away” wrinkles and other skin irregularities with “light” rather than “burning” them off.

The laser pulse emits a high-energy light beam in millisecond bursts. The beam of high-energy density; which is of short duration, is necessary to minimize the risk of scarring, pigmentation variation, or prolonged hearing time as compared to other traditional smoothening techniques.

The pulses control the laser’s destructive potential, so the upper layer of skin isn’t burned (a problem with lasers of the past); rather the skin cells are vaporized. They literally disappear in a puff of steam. The laser’s unique pulse allows precise repair of damaged skin.
Aesthetic laser resurfacing allows the surgeon to achieve selective, precise depth and accurate linear control. It’s exclusive optical design provides rapid, yet gentle, resurfacing of delicate tissue without damage.

The surgeon has a complete range of aesthetic laser handpieces available. Each handpiece is capable of having its own exclusive, controlled and consistent result. Usage of a combination of the latest aesthetic lasers assures more successful results. The laser handpiece chosen will depend on the area being treated along with the patient’s skin type and thickness.

The benefits of aesthetic laser surgery are numerous – – to name but a few:
Gentle, effective treatment using state of the art equipment

  • Virtually bloodless, with far less bruising and swelling
  • Greater patient comfort
  • More rapid return to normal activities
  • Precise treatment and accurate visualization
  • Local or IV sedation
  • Can be performed in surgeon’s office, surgicenter, or hospital setting

The laser is highly effective for treating certain facial zones:
1. Wrinkles:

  • lip boarder
  • lower eyelids
  • “crows feet” at corners of the eye
  • forehead
  • cheeks

2. Scars:

  • acne
  • chicken pox
  • post-surgical
  • traumatic

3. Facial Skin Rejuvenation:

  • sun-damaged
  • aged

4. Irregularities:

  • growths

5. Eyes:

  • drooping upperlids
  • puffylowerlids

The effectiveness, as with any procedure, begins with the skill and expertise of the surgeon. Equally important, and essential, is a thorough knowledge of this advanced laser technology and its limitations to provide successful resurfacing/rejuvenation.
An in depth consultation between patient and doctor begins with a history and facial evaluation. Past surgeries, medications taken, scarring tendencies, skin type and thickness are among items that are discussed. A detailed examination will provide information, if any contraindications to laser resurfacing are present. Laser treatment will remain viable, as long as its limitations are kept in perspective.

It should be noted, while laser technology offers some distinct advantages over conventional skin resurfacing techniques, it is not intended to be a cure-all treatment. There are circumstances, such as deep acne scarring, deep wrinkles, and skin pigmentation variations; in which a traditional treatment combined with laser resurfacing is indicated.

Other than complete rejuvenation/beautification, another advantage is laser skin resurfacing can be performed on the same day – – simultaneously. This means only one recovery period, less time off work or away from other activities, and overall financial savings.
Aesthetic laser skin resurfacing is a remarkable/revolutionary medical breakthrough. The advent of surgical aesthetic lasers has opened up a new frontier for maintaining an aesthetically pleasing appearance. The future of the laser is promising.

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